Privacy & Returns Policies


1. Information that MidTerm Fix May Collect

Customer Record. When you become a customer of MidTerm Fix you provide MidTerm Fix with your address, email, phone number, and credit card number. You may also provide MidTerm Fix with other personally identifiable information (together “Customer Record”).

Inquiries. When you contact MidTerm Fix, MidTerm Fix may ask for information that allows MidTerm Fix to contact you, validate the reason of your inquiry and request specific information related to the reason you have contacted MidTerm Fix (User Inquiry Information). User Inquiry Information may be associated with other information, such as Cookies and information from Tracking Software.

Statistical Information. All of MidTerm Fix servers collect statistical information such as your IP addresses, dates you visit, computers you are using, and operating system, among other data (Statistical Information).

Cookies. MidTerm Fix’s website uses cookies. These data files are read by MidTerm Fix servers to determine whether you have visited the MidTerm Fix site before, how often, the length of time and which pages you view. The equipment MidTerm Fix uses to provide goods and/or services to you may also place cookies on your computers.

Tracking Software. MidTerm Fix may use software designed to track responses to its advertisements, other promotional activity as well as your movement through the MidTerm Fix site (Tracking Software). Tracking Software includes software such as web beacons and software used by its advertising partners, if any.

2. How MIDTERM FIX Uses Information that MIDTERM FIX Collects

Customer Record. MidTerm Fix may use the Customer Record to identify you personally. It is used throughout its business to provide goods and/or services to you. Information in your Customer Record will only be shared with third parties if it is necessary to provide third party products or services to you. However, information in the Customer Record related to payments, such as your credit card number, is only used to ensure MidTerm Fix receives payment for goods and/or services sold or rendered from its website.

Customer Inquiries. MidTerm Fix may use your Inquiry Information to identify you personally. It is used throughout its business to provide goods and/or services to you.

Statistical Information. MidTerm Fix does not use Statistical Information to identify you personally. MidTerm Fix may use Statistical Information to operate its hardware and software, diagnose problems and administer its website. MidTerm Fix may use aggregate Statistical Information to modify the goods and services MidTerm Fix offers based on who is visiting its website, and what users are purchasing.

Cookies. MidTerm Fix may use Cookies to identify users personally. MidTerm Fix may use the information provided by cookies to change the way its website looks to users; to keep users logged in to certain areas of its website; to ensure continued connection to the equipment; and to collect demographic data about where users go on its website and how the user behaves. Cookies used by its equipment are used to track and log activities on the equipment and its network for security, network maintenance and other related activities. Information about you collected by Cookies may be associated with information collected from tracking software, and, in response to a sales or support inquiry, may be associated with this additional information to identify you personally.

Tracking Software. Tracking Software does not initially identify you personally. In general, MidTerm Fix uses the information provided by Tracking Software to determine the effectiveness of its marketing programs; improve the functionality of its website; and to collect demographic data about where you go on its website and how you behave. Tracking Software may collect information that when combined with other information MidTerm Fix has collected, will enable MidTerm Fix to identify you individually.

3. Data Retention and Security

MidTerm Fix keeps the information covered by this Privacy Policy indefinitely. Information collected by the technologies described in this Privacy Policy is protected by industry standard encryption. MidTerm Fix employees are required to keep information covered by this Privacy Policy confidential – unless disclosure is authorized in this Privacy Policy or by you. No means of communication or information transmission or storage is totally secure. Because of this, MidTerm Fix is not responsible for loss corruption or unauthorized acquisition and use of information covered by this Privacy Policy, or for any resulting damages, including unauthorized acquisition and use.

4. All other terms

All other terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy are incorporated by reference herein to MidTerm Fix’s Terms and Conditions available on its website.



MidTerm Fix is located in Kirkland, Washington. Shipping is Monday through Friday within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt of your order unless you are notified otherwise. MidTerm Fix is closed New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of the July, Thanksgiving Day and the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. MidTerm Fix partners with United Parcel Service of America (UPS) for its shipping services.

MidTerm Fix’s shipping options include:

  1. 1) UPS Ground (5 -7 business days)
  2. 2) UPS (3 day guaranteed)
  3. 3) UPS (2 day guaranteed)
  4. 4) Expedited Services (overnight): MidTerm Fix uses UPS next day Air Saver. For instance, if your order ships out on a Monday, it will arrive by the end of the day on Tuesday.

Please make sure your student’s shipping address is accurate. Please include the college or university; dorm or sorority/fraternity name; and the student’s box number. In most cases, MidTerm Fix must have the physical street address in order to ship via UPS.


A. Returns.

MidTerm Fix makes every effort to assure its online purchasers and student recipients are pleased and satisfied with their care package purchase. If for any reason you are not satisfied, MidTerm Fix is happy to replace the item(s) or provide a refund provided you follow its Return policy below.

Simply contact MidTerm Fix at [email protected] within five (5) business days of delivery or expected delivery date to resolve the issue. Please note: documentation (photo will suffice) of the damaged package must be sent to MidTerm Fix at [email protected] within ten (10) days of delivery before additional items are shipped again or a refund is granted.

For care packages that are lost or unable to be delivered, MidTerm Fix will make its best effort to notify the sender. However, in some cases, the online purchaser may be notified by UPS. In this case, it is the online purchaser’s responsibility to notify MidTerm Fix within five (5) business days of the expected delivery date to resolve the issue.

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