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We are honoring one of our main contributors, our daughter Kelsey Hastings Golitz, in the best way we know how…by donating 10% of our profits each year to help fight cancer in children and young adults. Our focus will be sarcoma research centers that create alternative forms of treatments when the first line of treatment fails or when the cancer returns. Others joining us in this effort are listed below. We thank everyone in advance for supporting this extremely important research and for bringing attention and awareness to the cause. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!!!

Ways To Donate

Click on one of the logos below to help donate to sarcoma cancer research:

UC Davis

2017 Charity News

Sponsored Alpha Delta Pi’s fundraiser at Santa Clara University raising critical funds for the Ronald McDonald House expansion in Palo Alto, California.

Sponsored Curefest in Washington DC, a national movement to increase awareness and funding for childhood cancer.

Contributed to the Kelsey Hastings Golitz Memorial fund for Cancer Research at Union College in Upstate New York.

Launched the Kelsey Hastings Golitz National Campaign for Sarcoma Research. Visitors to our website, will now have the opportunity to make a donation to major sarcoma research centers across the country.

Supported and participated in the 2017 Obliteride raising funds for pediatric research at the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington.

2016 Charity News

MidTerm Fix was a sponsor for Alpha Delta Pi’s Annual fundraiser in February 2016. The funds raised were used to expand the Ronald McDonald house in Palo Alto, California.

In May of 2016, we traveled back to Union College in Upstate NY. A summer grant from The Kelsey Hastings Golitz’10 Memorial Fund for Cancer Research was awarded for the first time.

We are proud to announce that our 2016 charitable gift of $1,000 was donated to the University of Utah Huntsman Cancer Institute! The sarcoma team will be researching targeted treatments for metastatic Ewing Sarcoma. We are thrilled to be part of this exciting new research!

We want to give a “shout out” to Kelsey’s amazing friends. The Falouth race, successfully completed by Amy, raised funds in memory of Kelsey for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

2015 Charity News

Union College in upstate New York for hosting a Celebration of Life and tree dedication for Kelsey in May of 2015 and for administering, in perpetuity, the Kelsey Hastings Golitz Memorial Fund for Cancer Research.

Kit of Boston, who ran in the 2015 Boston Marathon in honor of Kelsey and raised significant support for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston!

Christina from New Jersey who joined the battle in 2015 and cycled for survival raising support for the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

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